Wax Rubbing Art Workshop (Manhole Cover)

Wax Rubbing Art Workshop (Manhole Cover)

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Fall 2017

Here is an outdoor workshop made to inspire children and adults to explore their neighborhoods and to find beauty in mundane things, like manhole covers.

Wax Rubbing onto Paper
You might be wondering, what is wax rubbing? It’s the process of rubbing black pigment over the entirety of the circular iron plate, tracing the manhole cover onto a single sheet of paper.

In the world before photography and scanners, rubbing was one of the few ways to transfer some kinds of art and craft work from one medium to another.

What Will You Learn?
You will learn wax rubbing techniques, while being able to preserve a bit of history. The manhole covers are used as our printing plate to create one-of-a-kind prints on paper. Each participant will learn about popular rubbings from early historic markers and other enthusiasts who have continued with the wax rubbing art form.

Join us for this creative workshop with live printing, onsite using minimal tools. Learn more about the Manhole project... 

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