Minimum order: 1 copy per title to a single location.

Currency: We charge and collect in US dollars only, based on US list price, regardless of your location.

Discount for schools and libraries: 20% discount for any quantity not meant for resale.

Shipping and Handling: $10 USD to anywhere in the U.S., the U.K., or Australia; $15 USD to any other European Union country or New Zealand; $20 USD to any other country.(If you require air delivery, please inquire.)

Note: Shipping & Handling cost will change due to destination and order amount.

Payment: All orders must be prepaid. After sending your order, you will receive a request for payment through PayPal that you can make by credit card or bank transfer. (PayPal does not require an account with them for payment by credit card.)

Returns: No returns allowed. But we will replace or refund for copies that are defective or damaged on arrival. All our books are “print on demand,” meaning the copies you order probably isn’t printed yet. Even so, they can normally be drop shipped from the U.S. East Coast, the London area, or the Melbourne area within a few days. If you ask about a specific delivery date, we’ll let you know whether we’re confident we can meet it. Please note that our books have standard bar codes with retail price of $10 USD in the bar code. Dimensions, print quality, and other physical traits may vary slightly among copies of the same title, depending on the print run. To begin your order, please fill out form with title, quantity, and shipping address.

All enquiries: mcole@marloncole.me

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