Wax Rubbing Kit

Wax Rubbing Kit


Rubbing Paper, 27" x 36" (3 sheets)
High strength, multi-purpose, Archival quality paper.

Rubbing Wax (1)
Each 1/8 pound cupcake wax has deep color pigments.

Bristle Brush (1)
Natural bristle chip brush, use to remove debris from iron cover.

Masking Tape (1)
3M Scotch Greener Masking Tape for Performance Painting.

Wiping Rag (1)
Clean Dirt & Debris without any harmful chemicals.

Mailing Tube, 2" x 36" (1)
Tubes and caps are reusable and recyclable.

Wax Rubbing Art Workshop (Manhole Cover)
Here is an outdoor workshop made to inspire you to explore your neighborhood and to find beauty in mundane things, like manhole covers. Learn more

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